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jbensaab Jeff Benson
Sandia Park, NM, USA   USA
Hi, I'm Jeff from New Mexico. I ended up with a 1980 P200e that I'm working on. I hope to get it going soon.

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primosonic Avatar
primosonic Bernie Garcia
Riverside, CA, USA   USA
Greetings one and all. Known to family and friends as Primo. Been riding and repairing Vespas for over 30 years.
I own a 63' VNB, 81" P200e, a 79' P200e and a 74' Rally.This Describes Me

Got any vintage Vespa questions? I'll try to help you figure them out.

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Vespadiciccio Avatar
Vespadiciccio Francesco D'Arconso
Differdange, Luxemburg, Luxembourg   LUX
Hi All,
I'm the happy owner of a VBC1T from 66' .
Even though she is originary from Vietnam...... she has all the features of a real Italian beauty :-D
Hope to get /share some usefull info with you guys

C ya


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jeepyjb Avatar
jeepyjb Jeremy Baltzly
Massillon, OH, USA   USA
1966 Vespa VBC Super 150 "Audrey"
1979 Vespa PK 125 E "Anika"
2005 Vespa PX 150 "Sophia"
I have a 66 Super!!!

mrpuha Steve Denniss
Utrecht, utrecht, Netherlands   NLD
Hi there,

A Scooter newbie here.

I've been Bike-curious for a while now and I'm considering a restoration project of a vintage Vespa.


hockeye Stephen Davis
Horntown, OK, USA   USA
Howdy Doody, I am a rancher in SE Oklahoma USA, having two Chetaks, a Stella, a Zuma, a Lambretta, and an OLD VESPA with headlamp on the fender. I have tried to chase down the serial number, but with no results so far. Could this date to 1953 or earlier? It has a Piaggio badge and Vespa 150 on the front. I want to introduce myself, then later today I will post photos. I have had this for about 13 years, having bought it for a song from a scooter dealer going bust, and am teaching myself scooter mechanics since nobody else will touch it. I will be back soon!


J. Obeast Avatar
J. Obeast John B.
Los Angeles, CA, USA   USA
My first scooter was a nearly new Bajaj Chetak in butter yellow I bought in 2003 a couple years into marriage. I rode it around the SF Bay Area with pleasure. I customized the paint job on the cowls and made it look pretty cool. It developed electrical problems and was garaged a lot in the next few years, my wife knocking it over with the car in the tight condo garage and damaging the custom pain job. A few days before moving out of Oakland, driving to the store for packing tape, I had to lay it down two blocks from home because of a jackass automobile driver, who laughed at me as he drove past. That further damaged my cowls. No incients to report in Canada, but driving it in Tennessee in 2010 I ran the crankcase dry and ruined the engine. I decided it wasn't worth $1000 to fix it and left it at the ripoff scooter shop in Nashville. They also stole my helmet.
After I came to Los Angeles in the fall of 2010 I bought a rough-looking but mechanically sound white 1979 P200E from Marc of Scooter Bellissimo. I drove it around town and over the mountains the first year but then got into a restoration project that ended up in a professional paint job and reassembly that was completed by Winter 2014, days before I was to leave for Chicagoland. I never got to ride it because the carb flooded and ran all the fuel onto the ground. The scooter was garaged some more through 2015 to the fall of 2017. I just got it back this morning from Galaxy Scooters, where Tim did the work in 2014. This bike has cost me plenty and while it's very beautiful, I have learned in the past 7 years to fear Los Angeles' lousy, rude and incompetent drivers. So I am considering selling the scooter rather than putting it into service for recreation.

jeepyjb Avatar
jeepyjb Jeremy Baltzly
Massillon, OH, USA   USA
1966 Vespa VBC Super 150 "Audrey"
1979 Vespa PK 125 E "Anika"
2005 Vespa PX 150 "Sophia"
Dude, don't get rid of it. I've left my fuel in the "ON" position too many times, blow the gas out of the exhaust and get riding.
I never understand why some would sell their moto, stereo, weekend car, etc unless it doesn't mean much to them in the first place.
That is how I got my awesome AR-2ax speakers though. Dude had kids, sold speakers... or so he says, because it cost me $300 to get them up to snuff in the end. But boy do I love them!!!
Join the local scoot club and start riding with people in it for the long haul. Its safer in group.
Hope to see you at the next west coast AmeriVespa!!!

J. Obeast Avatar
J. Obeast John B.
Los Angeles, CA, USA   USA
Around LA I so seldom see scooterists and I know why - the fear of LA ‘drivers’ who if they are not texting are in a rage or simply blind.
But I hear you about regrets after selling. I feel that way about guitars and amps.
The cost of riding is an issue - registration nearly $100 a year and then insurance. If a buyer appears I could have a big chunk of cash to pay large debts...
One issue I have with clubs is they nearly always meet Sunday mornings when I’m not available. It appears rare that a ride occurs like this one tomorrow through Sunday that I could join. I’ll just have to see how it goes.

J. Obeast Avatar
J. Obeast John B.
Los Angeles, CA, USA   USA
I got a Vintage Vespa question for you.
I took my P200 out on a shakedown run and got a flat - rear innertube split. Pulling off the wheel, I fond the hub doesn't spin free over half its orbit. Should I replace it? Scooter West sells replacements for $50 and $100. What's the diff?
Also, my spare's rim studs are partiallystripped and new nuts (exterior flanged things with a keeper flange in the top of the threads) wont thread well on them. Should I toss this rim? Would seem prudent.

o.c.d m.o.d Avatar
o.c.d m.o.d Wayne Cole
London, england, UK   GBR
hello all! feels good already to be a part of this forum thanks for having me. im 37 years old from north london, my brother was a mod in the 80s he had a white px 200 crash bars mirrors the lot! he showed me the film quadrophenia at a very young age also all the mod music you can think of, in particular the who and the specials which made a huge impression on me! i could list a hundred bands but you probably already know them all. my first scoot scoot no1 was a px 200 at the age of 14 haha i was too young to ride it but my old man r.i.p was such a young dad at age 18 that he was a child as much as i was and a bloody good bloke! he would let me burn it around car parks and up and down the street and so would he. sold that scoot at some point for one reason or another? enter scoot no2 lambretta serveta li 125 im age 16 and its in my mums garden and i burn this around now and again, wish i kept this one, it was a looker, white with chrome side panels but it was a bit of a rust bucket really. we ended up literally riding it up my mums stairs to get it in my bedroom so i could have it as an ornament haha poor mum went nuts! (sorry for the life story b.t.w) enter scoot no3 my beloved vepsa 152l2 now this could get long sorry about that. i know its not a mod scooter, i know its not the most desirable, i sure know its not the fastest! but its sentimental value, its just priceless to me. im 18 im working so i have a bit of my own money, me and my old man drove past a pub in crouch end and i said wow out loud cause i saw it in all its d.i.y paint job and rusted holed floorboard absolute glory!!! (i saw a silver sportique in one of my brothers 80s scootering magazines and there was just something about the big frame vespas i loved, always have always will) i know the 152l2 is not a sportique but it was close enough and after all its become more about the bikes than anything else, its more about the shape to me and the 152l2 is a bulbous beauty! anyway we bought this scoot off the guy for 600 quid right there and then and he drove it behind us in the car home. i rode this around for many years until i got it fully nut and bolt restored about 7 years ago after my old man past away at age 49 sort of in honor of him, every single nut and bloody bolt restored! wasnt cheap at all, it nearly ruined me! and may i add this scoot is 100% apart from the new paint job original! even down to the douglas bristol badge on the horn casing and the douglas badge on the seat! (these are like gold dust) engine all original speedo everything is there! i didnt ride it after the restore cause i had a car by this point needed that for work e.t.c so it sat in my mums back living room inside safe from the elements, thats where it has sat to this day. i moved to sweden about 2 years ago with my beautiful life saver of a swedish mod girlfriend and left my scoot in london, which finally brings me to the point and brings me here! ill start a new topic for this but for god sake! the tires went flat a long time ago and its been on its stand so the stand has bent up the floorboards a little bit but enough to ruin the perfect restore! why god!? bloody one bolt stands! i want to bend the floor back out and color match the paint without having to do the whole bike again! thats why im here. help! thanks to all for reading i could go on but i will save your eyeballs. gawd bless you all! im happy to be a part of this forum. wayne

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2017-12-03 04:35 PM by o.c.d m.o.d.

falemandi Federico Alemandi
Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina   ARG
Hi boys
Here's Federico from Argentina.
I have inherit an Vespa GS 160 1st series 1962 from my father and I am trying to put it on the roads again.
I am looking for the carburetor and other small things.
Could you kindly please advise me where I can find this parts?
An site with manuals, spare parts details drawings/exploded views, etc?
You help will be much appreciatted.
Thanks & BRegards
54 9341 6503 579 (whatsapp available)

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-08 at 12.06.38.jpeg    53.8 KB
WhatsApp Image 2018-01-08 at 12.06.38.jpeg

Jagd Terrier Toni Georgiev
Plovdiv, Bulgaria   BGR
Hi fans, I am from Bulgaria. I have four bikes - 1 Honda Magna VF700cc 1987, one Honda VT1100 Shadow, one old Iz 350cc Planeta3 sidecar and the new one is this Vespa 50cc, but i don't heva an idea of the year of the production

do-rocksteady-ah-ha Avatar
do-rocksteady-ah-ha Wendy Lavachek
Coronado, CA, USA   USA
Hi All,

After a 36 year hiatus this mid-life Mod has purchased her second P200e. I am going to bring him back to his former glory! I feel like the previous owner wanted him to be a Harley. I have already purchased an amazing front rack, new seat and several other goodies that i once had on my first scooter. I have lots of questions and hope not to be too much of a pain to this forum! Looking forward to all the great information from all of you.


rudy1.jpg    51.5 KB

twostroketony Avatar
twostroketony Tony Martin
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India   IND
Hey guys, Tony here. I'm currently living in Mumbai, India, and have recently bought a Bajaj Super (Vespa Super) 150 for 5000 Rupees (around 50 quid in old money) and hope to restore it to its former glory. I've always loved Vespas as my granddad had a yellow 150 (not sure of the model though) and it was the first bike I ever rode alone. Anyway, I'll be lurking around, posting some stuff and asking lots of questions about the project.

Cheers! smileys with beer

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