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Scooter Lot - 1980 P200E with extra parts and 1976 Lambretta Jet 200 [Peoria, IL area]

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tnuke Tom Nieukirk
Tremont, IL, USA   USA
I have several scooters, 1 I used to ride daily and several other project scoots. Life caught up to me long ago and after some recent news from the Dr to stay off of motorcycles, I have finally decided to part ways with these things. It kills me that I never got them to the point I envisioned them being...

Here is what I have...

1980 Vespa P200E (clear title in my name) (Blue and grey picture) was my daily rider for about 6 to 7 years up to about 7 years ago. Currently not running, I had just replaced all the seals in the engine (my 3 or 4th time doing so on other P200 or P125) and after doing so, there was no spark. Determined that it was the wiring, since it wasn't getting a spark and the 30 year old wiring was pretty brittle/suspect), so I bought a new wiring bundle but just never got around to installing it. It is my belief that replacing with the new wiring bundle and a little TLC to the engine, this one will be up and running...

1981 Vespa P200E - (title in hand, never transferred to me) (flat black skeleton in pictures) - I have all of the parts except for the engine on this one. My intent was to paint this one flat black, install the wiring bundle previously mentioned move over the stuff and have the scooter I desired.

1976 Lambretta Jet 200 - (no title) - this thing is about 90% there. Things I know are missing or have to be replaced, center stand and turn signals. I bought this thing off of a kid after seeing it sticking out of the back of a station wagon 15 years ago. We were able to start it and I rode the thing home (not far), smoking all the way. That was the last time I have had it running. I pulled it apart with the intent to get it painted fire engine red (some parts are rattle can jobbed to that color currently). Seat would have to be recovered and many other things at this point, it should be considered a ground up project.

All parts not in the pictures are in boxes or stacked up on shelves in my garage.

I would love to sell it as a lot, but willing to separate as necessary.

If someone wants it all as a lot, I would like to get $1,500 and I believe that is fair price although I am willing to negotiate as I would really like to not have the reminder of what I cannot do sitting there every day haunting me...

Send me an e-mail of your interest with a phone number and we can discuss. Pick up or negotiate meet up for transfer only, I am not interested in having to ship these things unless it is completely coordinated and all I have to do is roll the stuff into my driveway.


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rdubsapimp Rob Wilson
Seattle, WA, USA   USA

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suueeet Scott Wiessner
Dallas, TX, USA   USA
Just dug up a buried email. Wanted to check if these are still around.

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