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problems fitting electronic ignition to '62 Lambretta Li150

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Freoway Lloyd Hammond
Fremantle, WA, Australia   AUS
Hi. I've been attempting to fit an electronic ignition kit - 6 pole AC (from India). Comes with stator, CPI unit, regulator, etc. - basically everything. I fitted the stator, connected the wires according to their colour codes to the CPI unit, etc. This scooter has no battery. I'm at a stage where I just want to see a spark. I don't get a spark, but I can feel a week electrical signal at the end of the HT lead. I'm at a stage where I don't care about starting the scooter or setting timing - I just want to produce a decent spark. Can anyone advise me what I should check. I haven't bothered hooking up the regulator as I presume that this isn't needed for the ignition / spark to work.

Cheers, Lloyd

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MK Monty Alistair Montgomery
Manchester, UK   GBR
Stupid question did you get a matching flywheel for your crank taper. It wont work with the original flywheel. Normally when you get a kit you have to state what crank you are running LI slim taper or GP fat. The Indian stators can be OK but they are not renowned for soldering so check your wires at the stator end, check they are using the correct coloured wires, white should be a ground, brown or yellow your lighting feed, Green to the small fine wired LT coil and red to the black pick-up. Your CDI will be Rosso Verdi Bianco. The green has space for 2 One form the stator and the other one goes to your loom and off upto the headset to act as a kill switch, dont connect that one to the CDI for now, in case the wire up, or switch is shorted to ground, thats how you kill the spark to cut the engine

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