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remhed Steven Johnson
Noblesville, IN, USA   USA
Hi all,

I don't have a vintage but would like to get one. I currently have a 2014 GTS 300 and an 09 Buddy 125. I live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Steve J.
Noblesvillle, In
2014 GTS 300

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ralbelt Ralph Beltrami
West Warwick, RI, USA   USA
Hello,My name is Ralph. I have acquired a 1963 Vespa Allstate. The engine was out but all there only thing missing is the motor mount bolts. The engine is in good condition. I have the frame all torn down and will have it sand blasted before prime and paint. I plan on replacing all the rubber , electrical and control cables.

Hope to learn some info from this forum........ Thank You

ricardo59 Richard Harwood
Bolton, Lancashire, UK   GBR
Hi my name is Rick from Bolton Lancashire UK, i'm 57 and just got back into the scene after a 34 year break!
This is my scooter, Vespa px 125 with a Polini 177 kit, 24/24 carb and PM exhaust

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IMG_0453.JPG    49.9 KB

TV200 Avatar
TV200 Emi Mar
San Diego, CA, USA   USA
Hi All,
My Name's Emilio, San Diego local, born in Tijuana where I first experienced the joy of riding on a Vespa at the age of 3, first Vespa at the age of 12, now 43, and still riding strong. Current scoots, TV200, 1984 ETS, P125, GTS300, VS5, Ducati Monster 62/200.

IMG_20160920_161820824_HDR.jpg    40.9 KB

jeepyjb Avatar
jeepyjb Jeremy Baltzly
Massillon, OH, USA   USA
1966 Vespa VBC Super 150 "Audrey"
1979 Vespa PK 125 E "Anika"
2005 Vespa PX 150 "Sophia"
Greetings from Ohio! There is a good scooter scene in Indy.
Come join us at the September rally in Columbus, Scoot-A-Que!

stevenirvin Avatar
stevenirvin Steven I
Los Angeles, CA, USA   USA
I recently bought a '67 150 Sprint , Malossi top end, etc. in very good shape over all. just getting back into form of riding/shifting a Vespa. I owned a P200E in the 80s/90s. and a Lambretta project that was discarded by ignorant family members. This thing is just as fast if not faster but i need to improve the front brake, in particular. The rear seems OK and the scooter overall has been pretty meticulously maintained by the PO. A note on shifting, I commonly seem to hit dead spots/neutral between 2-3, and sometime between3-4. What is that a symptom of? Is the batwing disc not coupling right, or...? The horn intermittently works, is there an upgrade for a louder or more modern sounding horn? and it needs a shell or suitable cover. Very very happy to finally own a nice vintage Vespa.

stevenirvin Avatar
stevenirvin Steven I
Los Angeles, CA, USA   USA
oh yeah, Saw U2 in Modena in 1987!!

veramente pazzesco...

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henrymo Avatar
henrymo Enrico DIC
Modena, Italy, Italy   ITA
Please tell me more on Modena: I am leaving in Modena!

Mikerbiker Mike Mabee
Kitchener, ON, Canada   CAN
Hello Everyone,

My name is Mike from Ontario Canada. I am currently restoring a 1963 Vespa VBB. I traded a snow blower for the bike about 20 years ago and now I'm finally restoring it.
I have it completely disassembled and ready for sandblasting. I'm making a parts list of things I need to replace.
I have found several websites for sourcing parts and I would really appreciate any feedback positive or negative that any members have.

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joebarthlow Avatar
joebarthlow Joe Barthlow
Eugene, OR, USA   USA

thanks for creating these forums.

ebooda Eddie Bomagat
Huntsville, AL, USA   USA
Hey all!

I've had my 1978 P125 for about 13 years now and have rebuilt it up from ground rust. I put a bigger jug on it and runs great. I hope to at least contribute my fails and accomplishments come ncernng my Vespa. Too dark for me to post some pics but when it gets light I'll post some.

Ocrider Steven D
Fountain valley, CA, USA   USA

Thanks for letting me be part of the scooter community. Scootering has always been a part of my life even when I was trying other adventures. I currently have a early 61 GS 150 and a 2003 ET4 , different but fun!

In reply to # 411 by Skye Welcome to all New Members!

We're getting lots of new members every month, so if you've been lurking and not sure where to join, scroll down and reply below.
Tell us a little about yourself, your scooter, your builds or plans, general interests, etc.

If you want to jump right in and ask a question, please click Start New Topic above.

Skye Nott

lukedeanweymark Luke Dean-Weymark
Sydney, NSW, Australia   AUS
Hi Everyone,

My name is Luke and I live in Sydney, Australia.

I've been riding Ducati's for the past ten years, but recently picked up my first scooter (Italian of course!). It's a Black 1969 Vespa 150. I've been told it's a VBB, but I can't seem to find any evidence of this. It's in really nice condition and rides nicely for something from the 60's!

Although i've been doing plenty of research, I'm still very much a novice when it comes to these beautiful machines. So I was hoping that by joining this community, some of you more knowledgeable Vespa enthusiasts might be able to give me a little guidance.

Here's a few things i'm trying to work out:

- How do I work out what model it is exactly? The registration papers say it was built in 1969, but it say nothing about model numbers.

- In terms of upgrades, i'm very happy to keep it looking original, but I love the idea of it going, stopping and handling a little better. What would be the first and most important upgrades that you would make on a scooter like this?

- Where is the best place online to find spare parts?

Here's a couple of images of my new wheels!

I look forward to chatting with you.


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IMG_9063.jpg    78.4 KB
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ape-owner Greg Wight
Brookfield, VT, USA   USA
Very pretty scooter.
Vespa 1960s Largeframe VIN or frame number location; applicable for those 1960s and 1970s scooters that have on the left, as you sit on the scooter, a non removable side cowl, with a glove box in it. The frame number is stamped on the frame lip that sticks out under where the cowl meets the frame. On the left side, by the rear wheel. You may have to lay on the floor and use a flashlight to see it properly. Should begin with VBB1 (manufactured 1961-1962) or VBB2 (manufactured 1963-1966). Not a 1969, in spite of the registration papers.
I have several VNB's of the same vintage. Basically same scooter, but 125 cc. Would love a VBB! Several places to get parts in US -- Google it. Not sure about in Australia.

lukedeanweymark Luke Dean-Weymark
Sydney, NSW, Australia   AUS
Hi Greg,

Thanks for getting back to me with this info. Very interesting stuff!!

I'll have have a good poke around for the frame number today and let you know what I dig up!

Kind Regards,

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