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Indicator buzzer wiring on PX150E (year 2000)

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PX150E in ZA Gerrit Burger
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa   ZAF
I purchased a buzzer to connect to the indicators on my PX150E, because, no matter how hard I try to concentrate on cancelling the darned things, I keep forgetting when I have to concentrate on something else. I thought the wiring connections would be self-explanatory, especially since my Vespa has some unutilized wiring inside the cubbyhole in front, as if they made provision at the factory for installing a buzzer.
Of course, I should have known better. In Vespa electrics, nothing is self-explanatory. The electrics on a two-stroke Vespa must surely rank with Quantum Field Theory as the biggest enigma yet produced by mankind.

The pictures show, in sequence, the wiring at the front right indicator, at the front left indicator and on the buzzer purchased on eBay. The four wires emerging from the loom at the front right indicator are
a brown wire going into the indicator,
a grey wire and a black wire with a red stripe, both ending in insulated female spade connectors,
a black wire ending in an uninsulated ring connector.
On the buzzer are three connection points as shown in the third photo. There's no wire on the point marked with a + sign.

Can someone please tell me how to connect the buzzer to make it work. Any help will be appreciated.

VespaIndicatorRight.jpg    31.2 KB

VespaIndicatorLeft.jpg    28.6 KB
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VespaIndicatorBuzzer.jpg    73.7 KB
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