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Sat for 3 years can't get it to start

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ConfusedBiker Christopher Drake
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
Hi guys. I'm a new member from Phoenix.

I have been trying to get this scooter running after sitting for 3 years. To let you know, I have replaced a number of parts already. I replaced the stater plate, voltage regulator, coil,
spark plug & wire, new ignition switch, as well as new switches for headlights, turn signals, horn & kill switch. I also pulled the carburator & pulled it all apart, cleaned it & put it back together with new gaskets & reinstalled it on the scooter.

I have compression but when I checked the spark the first time it seemed to have plenty (since it bit me pretty good), but the fuel doesn't seem to be misting into the carb but more like a dribble. The slide is wet but I don't see a mist when I turn the throttle. What am I missing? I am ready to pull my hair out. Please help...

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OlympiaScooterCompany Avatar
OlympiaScooterCompany Matthew Gatlin
Olympia, WA, USA   USA
It sounds like you need to pull the tank and replace the fuel petcock. Piaggio Part 180056 which is $17.00 USD plus the tool to remove the fuel Tap is $18.00
Also I would recommend replacing the fuel and oil lines if the tank is out. We stock all the items for the P200e series in our shop.

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