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As posted today courtesy of modernvespa.com 2.12.2018, I felt compelled to advise of this 100% SCAM before future idiots like me get caught out!

I've been scammed by these guys, this month in fact... Yes, I'm an idiot for even going there, but believe me, they took me in very well indeed... They too sent me images of frame and engine numbers, workshop etc and to be honest seemed quite knowledgeable on the telephone, I questioned the guy no end.. As soon as they received my deposit, they no longer answered the phone or e mail.... The address in Bac Kan province, Vietnam is fake along with everything else... I have several people on this, and the Hanoi US Embassy / trade department along with the police have got involved. I have over 90 emails back and forth from the so-called owner 'Ricky'... If anybody is or was in the same boat, please contact me, I would be more than willing to help / discuss or even post the conversations if need be... Only wish I would have seen CJ's post on modernvespa.com before I made a big mistake... I hope people are able to read this and think twice, they are a total scam! Thank you for allowing this warning to be posted.

Company Name - www.powderscooters.com or www.powderscooter.com
Contact - Ricky
Address - Tổ 8, Phường Phùng Chí Kiên, Thị Xã Bắc Kạn, Phùng Chí Kiên, Bắc Kạn, Vietnam (Naturally this is BOGUS!)
Telephone - 84 - 965021931

Again, please personal message me if you wish to discuss, I have over 70+ emails and bogus documents from these scammers - Shame really, difficult to spend cash when you can't walk...

They'll pay for it, mark my words, it's happening as we speak...........


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Drippy Adrian Holcombe
Vientiane, UK   GBR
Yep,Sorry to read your email i was very close to parting with my hard earned cash

I was looking at them as a friend in the UK sent a link .

I am based in Vientiane Laos ,so did the old thing -how much for shipping to Laos response "cheaper brilliant" which bike you interested in all the old bollocks yep Blah Blah ...As soon as i said i would like to fly over or i have a friend in Hanoi who could travel up and visit the shop....................NO MORE RESPONSES .Asking a few Viet friends where the town is and it is about 4 hours drive from Hanoi close to the Chinese border.

So easy ...i know that siagon scooters is supposed to be honest (British Bloke) and another company ..cant remember the name but also came across decent

Ended up picking up a local bike for 750$, which i am having rebuilt here by a local vespa collector/engineer which is well known in north east Thailand and Laos to add to my PX which i rebuilt. Stuck a few photos up .....

Spotted these the other day left rooting away Photo SHAME ?>?>?

GOOD LUCK ..hope you get something back

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Hey there Drippy,

Good read there, thanks for adding your two cents.

Yep, they are full of it... I asked them if a QC person could come and inspect my order, they said have them e mail us... I said, why not call you, they said e mail only... Like I said, I have a bunch of people on this now, one of which is FBI International Internet Scams,

Again, I was taken in well, very well indeed, but rest assured they'll pay for it one way or another....

Glad we could connect, happy you didn't get ripped off, your rebuild looks sweet!

Keep in touch.

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Drippy Adrian Holcombe
Vientiane, UK   GBR

Keep us up dated with the outcome ......Fingers crossed and all that ..Take a look at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007503078490 In Laos

RedBird64 Avatar
RedBird64 Ken Ashbrook
Severna Park, MD, USA   USA
Well, I hate to read these stories. I was "put on" to the Vietnam bodgers a number of years ago as it was discussed extensively on the "Not-So-Modern" section of the modern vespa site.
Good luck in nailing your "bodger".

1964 Allstate Vespa VNB 125
1966 Sears Blue Badge VLB1T

Big Thanks Ken - I knew the risks in buying scooters from Vietnam, but had a second stage restoration plan in mind... With that naively said, little did I know they were COMPLETE SCAM ARTISTS! Rest assured, I'll keep the community posted.. (If anyone has been through the same SCAM with these guys, please get in touch)


pinobande Alexander D.
Aachen, Germany   DEU

just found you information about your experience with POWDERSCOOTER in Vietnam.

In fact my best friend bought a vintage Vespa last November last year and made about the same experience: fast answers with all inquired details and information until the moment he transferred the total amount of almost 3.000 USD for a VESPA SS 180. Ricky from Powderscooter confirmed receipt of the amount and these were his last words. In case that anyone gets any reply from Powderscooter or any other information about the criminal action of these guys and how to get even a small amount back we are very thankfull.

Alex for Dietmar from Germany

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Hi Alex,

Another one huh... very sorry to hear this.

Keep it here, we are working on this and hoping for answers very soon.

Keep in touch and personal message me with your friends experience if you wish.


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