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1966 Vespa 150 Super engine cuts out after 5 to 10mins

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Stewadan Dan Stewart
Brisbane, QLD, Australia   AUS

I've got a 1966 Vespa 150 Super which was restored back in 2003.

It's my weekend ride and hasn't had a lot of regular running thanks to family life commitments. It started to develop this issue of running rough after about 5-10mins (spluttering) then eventually cutting out. As the bike become spluttery I was give it a little more throttle & revs which could buy you a few more minutes but eventually it would simply stop. Once stopped, it takes about 20mins before it will restart again.

I took it to a local Vespa guru last year (Pete Chmielewski at Silver Star in Wynnum QLD) to get it cleaned up & running sweetly again. Pete suspected the fuel was off and cleaned the tank / fuel system. He also fitted a new carburettor.

Despite this it keeps reoccurring.

I have also tried cleaning the fuel tank cap to ensure it is not creating a vacuum. I even tried running the bike with the cap open and it still cuts-out.

Non-vespa mechanically minded friends think it's an electrical issue however if I pull the plug out and earth it, it sparks beautifully (plug end looks perfect). It simply will not start for about 20mins (cooling down?).

To me it feels like it’s suddenly being starved of fuel.

Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated.


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