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P200E Engine Rattle

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shovett Mark L
Newtown, NSW, Australia   AUS
Hello all,
Thanks for taking the time to read and look at my video.

My PE has started to rattle. Please have a listen to the video and please let me know what could be the cause. I am hoping small end bearings, but not sure. I can't drive it to a shop and get advice as it's currently unregistered.

The noise is present when ticking over and when revving, but easy to hear when ticking over. The noise stays the same even when I pull the clutch in.

The scoot has done about 1000kms from what I was told was an engine rebuild.

Hopefully you can hear the problem and help me out.


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enigmas Avatar
enigmas Vince Stok
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia   AUS
Hey...this is one quiet forum!

Moving on to your question regarding the noise. Here are a few suggestions to try pinpointing/locating the noise before ultimately if required, stripping the engine/gearbox combo.

Your kick starter seems to rattle about! Is it fully disengaging. Try holding it firmly to both dampen and feel any vibration in the mechanism. Pull it outwards at the spigot that enters the case and 'see and feel' if the noise changes or abates?

Look for any other loose fittings on the scooter that may cause the rythmic rattle.

Take the cover off the engine side of the scooter, get a piece of garden hose about 30 cms (12"winking smiley long, start the engine and place one hose end against your best ear. Place the other end at various positions around the engine case, barrel, gearbox section, near the kick start mechanism in an attempt to isolate the noise. Where ever you place it, ensure that it is firmly against that section of engine or case.

Unfortunately recorded sound tends to magnify and heighten irrelevant noises as well.

primosonic Avatar
primosonic Bernie Garcia
Riverside, CA, USA   USA
What this sounds to me is that your flywheel fins are hitting the flywheel cover.
What i would do is purchase some washers and install them on the inside of the
flywheel cover, then add your bolts to the flywheel cover. Another reason why this is happening
is because your flywheel nut needs to be tighten up a bit so that the flywheel fins don't hit the cover.
Try this and let me know if this helps.

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