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Problem and no local mechanics - pls help

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zbal99 Zach Baliva
Springfield, IL, USA   USA
I have a problem with my 78 Vespa p200e and I can't find anyone local to help me.

I've had 2 vintage Vespas since about 2005 and have never had any real problems. I'm super novice when it comes to repairs and can do little more than oil/winterize/spark plugs myself.

This season, my scooter started having a problem - it revs at extremely high speeds at random times. Not often. Maybe once every other time I ride it.

Last time I attempted to start it I wound up with about a pint of fuel all over my driveway. I think I had accidentally left the fuel line open on the previous ride so I'm hoping that was a one time thing. I waited about 10 min and it fired right up.

But back to the revving problem.

Could this be a problem with the jetting or the mixture?

Or is it more likely an air leak?

Is it safe to ride, or do I need to totally stop riding until this is resolved?

Any tips or advice on how to fix or how to find a mechanic would be great. There used to be a scooter club in town, but it's dissolved. I emailed a few of the guys from that club but have not heard back.


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primosonic Avatar
primosonic Bernie Garcia
Riverside, CA, USA   USA
Hey Zbal99. Sorry to respond so late. Here's what im thinking. Yes, your left your petcock on the on position and the fuel
went all the way thrur your engine and out your exhaust. Now, what i do when i turn off my scoot, i turn the petcock to the
off postion and let the bike run out of gas, then i turn my kill switch & key off. This way i know i didn't leave the fuel line on.

Now as for high revs of the engine, it sounds like you have a small pin hole on your float inside the carburetor. This needs to
be replaced. While your doing that you might want to just rebuild your carb with a carb re-build kit. Your in Springfield and
scooterworks would definitely help you out. Scooterworks Hope this helps.

zbal99 Zach Baliva
Springfield, IL, USA   USA
Thanks! A friend of mine helped me try to resolve the issue and we've done gaskets, etc, but not the float. Thanks for the tip!

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