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px oil in barrel and piston

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ramram Shaun Otoole
Bristol, bristol, UK   GBR
hi.hope someone can shed some light on this for me.i have a 2015 px 125 all standard.over the past few months i started getting lots problems with bike bogging down.took it to my dealer who put in new carb.when i picked up bike it had lots of smoke coming out exhaust.dealer told me it would stop once carb is bedded in.
yes i know carbs dont bed in.my dealer is a bit of a bulls@{{er.after about a week the bike would not start.bike was taken back to dealer who took apart piston and barrel.the barrel was covered in oil.he didnt really knoow why it did this.cleaned it up and gave it back to me.told me it should be ok.im not taking my bike back to him from now on as ive lost all confidence in him.after two months i took the bike to someone who knows what they are doing.got him to check barrel.sure enough it was covered in oil again.
on the closer inspection it was discovered that one of the cylinder head bolts was cross threaded and not tightening correctly....could this be the cause of the barrel keep oiling up or could i have other issues.im new to this so would really like some help thanks.

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xsivelife Avatar
xsivelife Michael F
Gerlingen, BW, Germany   DEU
1973 Triumph Spitfire MkIV "Sir Henry"
2017 Porsche Cayenne Diesel "White Elefant"
Hi Shaun,

being a PX driver for 35 years and having worked in a Vespa workshop for some 14 years, I propose to replace the stripped bolt with a new one (check the others as well!), smoothen both sealing faces of aluminum cylinder head as well as of the barrel itself on a flat glassplate with fine sandpaper on it and get everything reassembled. Tighten the nuts in stages with the correct torque and off you go. As there is no gasket between these parts, some minor leaking may be OK, but not too much. Even better: None at all! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

All the best,

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