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stevet2323 Steve T
Limerick, oola, Ireland   IRL
HI I have just got a lambretta sx 150 special I dnt know a lot about scooters how can i tell if it is italian the fram number is sx 150 776997
tax book say its a 1966

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sido48 Colin S
Newcastle Upon Tyne, TYNE/WEAR, UK   GBR
At 1966 it is Italian, think they stopped making them in 69 in Italy,and transferred production to Spain and think India, I had a 66 SX200 ,in 1968, top mod me, a friend of mine just sold an SX150 done up to a high standard for 8 thousand pounds, the pre 69s are worth more you lucky boy you

MK Monty Alistair Montgomery
Manchester, UK   GBR
Lambretta frame numbers are all pretty well documented with several sites showing model numbers along with frame numbers. You will find the model and cc size followed by the frame number. If yours number is clean and untampered, yours is coming back in the middle of the range for 1968 numbers between 767230-781074.
1966 is 750001-753571. A good SX will often have a higher value from say an LIS even though they look the same. I’m sure I will be corrected my 66 LIS was a chrome ring type. It has a chrome ring seperating the head stock from the leg shields. This was omitted on later years so that may give an indication on yours. If you have one it could well be a 66 but your frame number if it is 77 is odd. Lambretta numbers do get a bit screwed up during change overs between models, but yours is in the middle of a run. Check your numbers and clean them up with a wire brush. They should be very distinct clean punched numbers separated with a star punch. Nice and spaced and in a neat flowing curve of the frame. Indian ones are all over the place and look like a chimp did it. The LCGB can give you a dating certificate for a price, based on photos and a frame rubbings of the numbers. Best to get a definitive answer before looking at value.
Sorry if I’m a bit negative but after having my pride and joy stolen never to be seen again, too many ringed bikes flying around with numbers ground off or tampered with. Your engine number if still original should be within a similar number range of the frame but not definitive.

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